I-PAC: Infection Prevention and Control for LTC

Building on the success of the Project Firstline infection prevention initiative, NJHA and its Health Research and Educational Trust has developed “I-PAC: Infection Prevention and Control for LTC” – a series of free webinars to help all levels of the long term care workforce – from clinicians to support staff – adopt a layered, multi-point approach to infection prevention.

Current I-PAC Offerings

Registration is free for I-PAC programs. Attendees will earn continuing education credits upon successful completion of each session. See the current webinar offerings, and use the link to register.





Registration Links

Thur., Feb. 8 Vigilance Against Viral Respiratory Pathogens 12:00-12:30
  • Describe the actions needed for viral respiratory season to minimize the impact these viral illnesses have on patients
  • Review resources available for LTC facilities
Thur., Feb. 29 Environmental Services: Critical Partners in Infection Prevention 12:00-12:30
  • Identify importance of EVS role in infection prevention
  • Summarize methods for reducing bioburden on surfaces
  • Discuss cleaning and low-level disinfection from a regulatory perspective
Thur., March 14 Addressing Ageism in Infection Prevention and Control 12:00-12:30
  • Summarize the underlying principles of the National Center to Reframe Aging
  • Identify the core principles of framing aging
  • List at least one way to change the narrative
Thur., March 28 High-Tech Preview: New Tools for Infection Control in LTC 12:00-1:00 Will provide an overview of different types of infection control technologies and highlight a LTC case study https://bit.ly/3w3fbBp
Thur., April 18 Office Hours: Enhanced Barrier Precautions 12:00-12:30 Hear from an IP expert about the latest guidance in IPC precautions, ask questions, and discuss strategies https://bit.ly/3UtZoWh
Thur., April 25 Lessons Learned: I-PAC Case Studies for LTC 12:00-1:00
  • Review key infection prevention and control principles discussed throughout the I-PAC series
  • Discuss case studies related to infection outbreaks in LTC settings
Download a PDF of the 2024 schedule by clicking here.

I-PAC On Demand

Catch up on previous I-PAC classes by watching content on demand. Continuing education credits available.




Flu Fighters: Gearing Up for Influenza Season in Long Term Care Settings 45 min https://education.njha.com/courses/47346
Standard & Transmission Based Precautions 30 min https://education.njha.com/courses/47615
Enhanced Barrier Precautions 30 min https://education.njha.com/courses/48215
COVID Boosters and Treatments 2.0 30 min https://education.njha.com/courses/47944
What You Should Know About Norovirus 30 min https://education.njha.com/courses/48818
Stop the Spread: Understanding Virus Transmission 30 min https://education.njha.com/courses/48820
Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection 30 min https://education.njha.com/courses/49996
Important Concepts in Infection Prevention for LTC 30 min https://education.njha.com/courses/51356
Focus On: Group A Streptococcus 30 min https://education.njha.com/courses/52833
Teamwork and Communication in Infection Prevention 30 min https://education.njha.com/courses/52837
Hand Hygiene: New Guidance You Need to Know 30 min https://education.njha.com/courses/52839
Infection Control Assessment & Response: Meet NJ’s ICAR Team 60 min https://education.njha.com/courses/52842
The Latest on Legionella 30 min https://education.njha.com/courses/52844
Recognizing Risk Part 1: Spotting Infectious Disease Threats 30 min https://education.njha.com/courses/52848
Recognizing Risk Part 2: Understand Healthcare Environment Reservoirs 30 min https://education.njha.com/courses/52849
Respiratory Protection Plans for Your Team 30 min https://education.njha.com/courses/52850
Partners in Prevention: Working Effectively with Your Local Health Department, Part 1 60 min https://education.njha.com/courses/55222
Partners in Prevention: Working Effectively with Your Local Health Department, Part 2 60 min https://education.njha.com/courses/55223
HMPV: The Common Virus You’ve Never Heard Of 30 min https://education.njha.com/courses/55220
Managing MDROs (Multidrug-Resistant Organisms) 30 min https://education.njha.com/courses/55224
Spotlight on C. Auris 30 min https://education.njha.com/courses/55225
Medication Management Strategies 30 min https://education.njha.com/courses/55226
Vaccination Guidance: What’s New? What’s Changed? 30 min https://education.njha.com/courses/55227
Sepsis Strategies to Save Lives 60 min https://education.njha.com/courses/55228
Antimicrobial Stewardship: Your Important Role 30 min https://education.njha.com/courses/55229