Core members are single, independent, licensed hospitals or systems that contain at least one licensed hospital. Membership includes all provider facilities in systems containing one or more licensed hospital or in healthcare enterprises providing a continuum of healthcare services. All entities must be ultimately accountable to a single corporate entity.


Representation and Participation

  • Voting privileges
  • Eligible for nomination to Board of Trustees
  • Eligible for appointment to Board of Trustees' standing committees, ad hoc task forces and special councils and committees
  • Policy-making through participation in membership meetings, forums and constituency groups
  • Invitation to and participation in annual and other membership meetings
  • Eligible for participation in NJHA awards programs, grants, primary research and information technology development


  • Legislative and regulatory review
  • Issues management (including formal and informal activities such as networking development, coalition building, liaison with external groups)
  • Legal representation on behalf of the membership
  • Lobbying efforts on behalf of the membership
  • Representation on external agency and governmental boards, committees and task forces
  • Strategic/crisis media communications
  • Industry Financial and Reimbursement Modeling

Education and Information Services

  • Continuing education programs (special member rates)
  • Databases (including NJHA authored or published)
  • Data and information services (including surveys, data collection/reporting, select mailing lists)
  • Ongoing communications via NJHA NewsLink Today, including members only section, special interest publications, manuals and reports.
  • Access to staff for informal consulting, information and professional knowledge and expertise
  • Access to association staff for speaking engagements and presentations
  • Educational calendar targeting a variety of healthcare management levels

Contract/Fee for Services

  • NJHA Healthcare Business Solutions Programs and refunds including but not limited to Employee Benefit Services, Group Purchasing, Unemployment Claims Management, Information Services, Customized Financial and Reimbursement Modeling)
  • Healthcare Employees Federal Credit Union
  • Conference Planning Services (special member rates)
  • Conference center meeting rooms (special member rates)


For hospitals, systems and related healthcare enterprises, this highest level of membership provides a broad spectrum of services and data, all geared toward better management and patient care.