New Jersey High Reliability Organization Collaborative

Why HRO?

According to experts in the field, high reliability creates an organizational structure and teamwork-based safety culture that ensures inevitable human mistakes do not lead to patient harm. This methodology simultaneously emphasizes inter-professional interventions, behavioral changes, structured leadership and culture shifts toward a core value of safety. High reliability has been used in the aviation and the nuclear power industries and the U.S. Navy. With the same risks of human error, healthcare is a logical arena for implementing high-reliability science.

Success Within Healthcare

Health systems and hospitals across the U.S. have implemented the tenets of high reliability, shifting their culture to one of transparency and zero harm.

Our Goals Moving Ahead

Through June 2018, HRET will host a series of educational events aimed at assisting hospitals moving forward. Presentation material is provided for each of the didactic and web-based learning sessions.

HRO Participants Only