SJBHI Collaborative


The South Jersey Behavioral Health Innovation Collaborative (SJBHIC) is a landmark initiative driven by the five major health systems in the region aimed at evaluating and recommending substantial improvements to the behavioral health system in southern New Jersey. The initiative involves a comprehensive year-long process to engage key stakeholders including patients, families, and providers to understand the challenges in the current system, analyze system-wide data, understand national best practices, and propose innovative system changes to better serve individuals with behavioral health conditions.

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Through an analysis of patient claims data and interviews with more than 75 stakeholders, a first-of-its-kind look at mental health and substance use disorder services in the state of New Jersey is now available. This report forms the basis for continuing improvement in service delivery, access and coordination.


In the last five years, the number of emergency department visits by southern New Jersey residents whose primary diagnosis was a behavioral health condition increased by 20%.

On average, more than 100 people a day from southern New Jersey come to our emergency departments with behavioral health as their primary concern.

In 2013, 39% of the inpatient admissions from southern New Jersey residents had a primary or secondary diagnosis of behavioral health.