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Project Firstline is a national training collaborative under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that engages healthcare workers in infection control. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed gaps in infection control knowledge. As a designated provider of Project Firstline training by the N.J. Department of Health, NJHA engages frontline staff across various healthcare settings to close that gap and protect our patients, residents and communities.

Current Project Firstline Education

Registration is free for all Project Firstline programs. Attendees will earn continuing education credits upon successful completion of each training. See the current webinar offerings, and use the link to register.





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Thur., July 21 (12 EDT) The Basic Science of Viruses 30 mins
  • Differentiate one (1) core difference between SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19
  • Identify and explain to others, 3 main parts of a virus
  • Explain 1 reason Infection Control actions protect us against respiratory droplets
Thur., July 28 (12 EDT) Sepsis and Patient Family Engagement 30 mins
  • Review benefits of patient and family engagement in sepsis
  • Integrate patient and family feedback into sepsis initiatives
Thur., Aug. 4 (12EDT) Standard & Transmission Based Precautions 30 mins
  • Discuss standard precautions which include hand hygiene, safe injection practices and use of personal protective equipment
  • Describe each transmission-based precaution in detail relevant to both acute care facilities and long-term care facilities
Thur., Aug. 18 (12 EDT) Clostridioides difficle (C. Diff) infections 30 mins
  • Describe two methods to prevent the spread of C. diff infections in healthcare
  • Describe how enteric contact precautions are specific for C. diff infections
Thur., Aug. 25 (12 EDT) Candida Auris 60 mins
  • Describe three methods for primary prevention of C. Auris spread within a healthcare setting, including acute care and post-acute, long term care
  • Differentiate types of isolation precaution based on healthcare setting
  • Discuss specific prevention methods for dialysis centers
Thur., Sept. 1 (12 EDT) Influenza 30 mins
  • Review the signs and symptoms of seasonal Influenza
  • Discuss strategies to prevent the flu to include vaccination
  • Determine how to protect patients and staff during Influenza season
Thur., Sept. 15 (12 EDT) Preventing Wound Infections 60 mins
  • Identify evidence-based practices for prevention of wound infections
  • Review the impact of surgical site infections
  • Describe methods for prevention of wound infections in acute care setting and post-acute care settings
Thur., Sept. 22 (12 EDT) How Viruses Spread from Surfaces to People and Best Practices in Surface Disinfection 30 mins
  • Determine how viruses spread from surfaces to people
  • Discuss importance of following manufacturer’s instructions on a disinfectant product
  • Identify importance of environmental surface cleaning and disinfection in healthcare


Download a PDF of the Q3 schedule by clicking here.

More Resources

The CDC’s website provides additional resources to complement NJHA/HRET’s webinars.

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